Total Financial Picture

Your financial needs are complex. Are you planning for retirement? Are you recently retired? Have you been retired for a while? No matter what your situation, your financial success requires careful planning and professional guidance to help insure your goals and needs are met. Please click on the boxes below to gain more insight in how you can plan for a more comfortable and secure future.

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  • Do you know what rate of return you need to earn to meet your objectives?
  • Have you created an asset allocation based on your goals and needs?
  • Have you created an asset allocation consistent with your risk tolerances?
  • Do you understand the risks associated with all of your investments?
  • Do you know all of the expenses associated with your investment plan?
  • Do you have a strategy to protect your investments during market turmoil?
  • Do you understand how taxes affect your investments?
  • Do you consistently review your investment portfolio throughout the year?
  • Do you have a will? When was it last updated?
  • Do you have trusts? Are they funded?
  • What's the primary goal of your estate plan? Avoiding taxes? Providing for your family? Charitable giving?
  • If you were to pass suddenly or become incapacitated, do your loved ones understand your wishes? How do you know? Do you have a living will?
  • Do you have a durable power of attorney in the event you can't make important decisions?
  • Who are the principal beneficiaries of your estate? Do you know what to do if you want to make changes?
  • If you have children, do you have guardians for them? Trustees for the estate?
  • If you own a business, what kind of succession plan does it have? How would you fund the succession plan?
  • Are there charities you would like your estate to support now and/or in the future?
  • What are your retirement needs and financial goals?
  • What kind of retirement plans do you have? What are the assets in each? How are they invested?
  • What does your employer or your company contribute to your retirement plan? Are you vested?
  • When do you want to retire? Where do you want to live or go? What do you hope to do while in retirement?
  • Are you confident you have enough resources set aside for retirement income? How much do you think you’ll need?
  • Have you calculated your expected income from Social Security? How much do you know about your benefits from Medicare?
  • When are you eligible to draw money from your retirement plans? From which account would you first draw income? Last?
  • Do you own any annuities?
  • Do you have health insurance? Will you have it when you retire?
  • Do you have disability insurance? How much?
  • When do the benefits begin after a disability? What is the maximum monthly check you could receive, and how long would you be eligible for benefits?
  • Do you have long-term care insurance? Do you think you need it?
  • Do you have personal liability coverage? Are you confident that you have adequate coverage for yourself, your family, your business, if applicable? Have you ever been sued?
  • Do you have life insurance? Will you need it when you retire?
  • If you own a business, does it have adequate protection against lawsuits for sexual harassment, product liability and worker's compensation claims?
  • Do you have a mortgage? Is a mortgage good or bad in retirement?
  • Could it be time to refinance your mortgage? Do you need a home equity loan?
  • What mortgage term is best? Should you have a fifteen or thirty year mortgage?
  • Are you sure you have the lowest interest rates on consumer debt? Could personal debt restructuring benefit you?
  • Do your credit cards offer rewards like frequent flyer miles, discount purchases or prize catalogs?
  • Do you know how to protect your credit rating and avoid identity theft?
  • Do you have a strategic plan for addressing and paying off debt? Have you considered consolidating revolving debt?
  • What do think future tax rates will be in the United States?
  • Are you taking full advantage of our tax laws today?
  • Are you planning for future tax rates?
  • Are you looking to minimize taxes just today or for the rest of your lives?
  • Do you understand how different investments affect your taxes?
  • Do you know which investments are tax efficient?
  • Do you know how to structure your income in retirement to maximize tax advantages?
  • Do you understand the dynamics of the Alternative Minimum Tax?
  • Do you have a Roth IRA? Do you know how to get one?


Four Steps to Managing Your Total Financial Picture

  • Step 1: The top six categories in the grid on this page represent the six basic components of a comprehensive financial strategy. Understand which categories are most important to you.
  • Step 2: Take a look at the back of this worksheet. Under the topics you prioritized as most important, answer as many questions as you can. Put a checkmark in the box next to any question you would like to address.
  • Step 3: Look at the questions under the topics you considered less important first. Do you see any other issues that you may need to consider? If so, mark those for further discussion.
  • Step 4: Make sure you discuss any area you marked with a financial advisor.

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