Words from Sam

Words From Sam

A Calling 

In a matter of weeks, I will be celebrating my 25th anniversary of being a financial

advisor. I would have never imagined in 1993 that I would be where I am today. While

David and I have created a business, what we have really done has created a large

extended family. We are truly blessed so much more than we deserve to be in a

position to be such a trusted part of your family.


Has it always been great? Absolutely not! It can be very challenging when the

economy and the markets are in complete disarray (I do not believe that to be the case

currently) and it is very hard when members of our extended family pass away. Garth

Brooks once sang, ‘I could have missed the pain, but I would have missed the dance.’

Life includes both good and bad, happiness and sadness – this is simply the case with

living. I pray that most of you will experience much more good and happiness than bad

and sadness.


As I have spoken with some of you lately about the recent turmoil in the markets. Most

of you believe (as we do) that we are simply experienced a normal correction. Most of

us have probably forgotten how the markets typically behave because we have had 10

years of atypical behavior. We had a complete meltdown in 2008 and 2009, nothing

seen like it since the Great Depression followed by record low volatility. While this year

may seem odd, it is probably more normal by historical standards than what we have

experienced during the previous 8 years. There is just simply no way to have the

upside potential of equities without the fluctuations that occur.


As I look back over the past 25 years, many things seem like a blur. Things are

changing at the speed of light and will probably continue to do so for the foreseeable

future. Think about the fact that the iPhone, a remarkable devise, is only 10 years old. I

could almost completely do my job on my iPhone but it is much easier to have my

MacBook Pro! When we look at all the technological improvements we have

experienced in the last few years, what is really frustrating is when things do not work

as they should.


Recently we have experienced some issues with our technology that allows clients to

access their account values 24 hours a day. Let me say, David and I are not at all

happy about this technology not working as promised and we are working diligently to

get it resolved. I have been in contact with Voya on multiple occasions to find a solution

and I hope we are close. Please be patient with us and please know that if something

doesn’t seem to be working you can always call myself, David or someone in our office

for an update. You can always come in and sit down with us anytime as well!


David and I, as well as our entire staff, understand the importance of what we do for you

and we always want to meet your expectations. We are constantly monitoring how we

deliver our value proposition to you to make sure we are in the very best position to do

the very best job for you. As technology continues to evolve, we will continue to monitor

what is available to assist us in our calling as your trusted advocate.


In the past, I’ve spoken about delivering a Four Seasons experience with Fedex

efficiency. What I realized is that most clients did not necessarily need this experience

and certainly did not want to pay for it. So as David and I look at what we offer our

clients, we want to be a great value. We want to deliver a great total financial

experience and we want to always be available for our clients. As life happens, I want

you all to know that David and I will be here for you!


How we deliver on this promise will continues to evolve as the economy, markets and

technology continue to evolve. Most of the time, you will not see or hear about

improvements we implement. They are typically just the background tools and

processes we use to do a great job for you. When one of those tools is not working the

way it is supposed to, then you may hear about it. We always want you to be “in the

loop” as much as you want to be. You are important to us and always will be.

Something you will hear more about in the near future is CWM CARES. This is our calling.  

Remeber, we are always here for you.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to us.  




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