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If you’ve never met us, attend one of our Educational Events
Our educational events are a great way to find out more about who we are and how we are different.  Often we have guest speakers to address the topics retirees and pre-retirees find most difficult to navigate.  Call us today and ask about our current schedule or send us an email at the address below.  
If you know us, introduce us to those you care about through our Friends and Family Events
We continue to expanded our friends and family event schedule to make it easy for you to introduce those you care about most to us. Our Friends & Family Education Events will be scheduled on a reoccurring basis.  We have several opportunities throughout the year for you to bring your friends and family to events.   
When we ask you to introduce us to those you know who might benefit from meeting us, we are not asking you to introduce us to those you know who do not have an financial advisor. We are not in a position to take everyone as a client and we know most successful people already have an advisor. But we also know that no one has a patent on all the good ideas! We hope you will introduce us to the kind of folks who like to make new friends and who might enjoy learning something new and helpful. Our goal is to introduce everyone we meet to the tools we feel are instrumental in ensuring retirees are able to enjoy their money. That’s why we offer our retirement second option to everyone.  Call our office today if you know someone who could benefit from our help.  

Educational Events as well as Friends & Family Events

Call us for dates on our events in Seneca or Columbia.
Please call or email
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