The New Math Of Renting Out A Vacation Home

If you've ever thought about becoming a landlord, here's an update on recent tax breaks that changed the equation for weighing whether to rent a property or be the sole tenant throughout the year.

While the math of renting out your place may not have worked before, you may want to look at it again. Your mortgage could be several million dollars, but you'd still be able to deduct all of the interest on it — just as you did before the new law. If you live in the residence for part of the year and rent it out for the rest, you're entitled to a partial break.

Rental property owners also get a break on making home improvements. Under tax reform, landlords may immediately deduct capital spending on equipment and machinery. Gone is the requirement to take the break over many years. If you install a new kitchen in a rental property, for instance, it's deductible all at once.

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